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Could Thomas Paine Do What The Apostle Paul Said Was Impossible?

While the title of this article may on the surface appear strange, is raises a question that has plagued Christians over the course of its history since the Church's inception.  While the vast majority of Christians have chosen to ignore the warning of Paul with respect to the impossibility of the mind of "natural" man to understand the higher reality of the soul and what he portrayed as the Mysteries of the Kingdom (see Mysteries) -- warning the congregation of Christians who he had personally taught, that as "babes in Christ" they were too immature and carnal to comprehend the spiritual meaning of the Gospel.  With Paul going so far as to warn the congregation of Christians that if the spiritual meaning of the Gospel was somehow revealed to them, that they would condemn this higher wisdom as utter "foolishness"!!!

The reality of this world is that all people exist at greatly varying levels of intellect -- with a very high percentage of mankind virtually incapable of even using the higher cognitive power of Reason.   And Paul's confession that he was not only incapable of revealing the true meaning of the Gospel to the very people he had himself taught, but that if he were to speak openly about the higher reality of the soul and the mysteries of the Kingdom, the very people he taught would reject what he states.  But even more important than acknowledging that this condition does exist across the spectrum of humanity, is for the person of higher reason to understand why it exits.   The onus, then, is not upon the great mass of faith-based believers to understand what requires an evolved condition of Reason to comprehend this reality of the Natural Laws that has suppressed their cognitive skills -- but rather, that segment of the population that does recognize this fact of Natural Law, to understand why the majority of people are incapable of comprehending not only the true meaning of the Gospel, but the very higher realities of life itself.

When Christians today open their Bibles they ignore the statement that those who were portrayed as being In The House, were taught in a totally different manner than those who were said to be "outside".   In not understanding that the pre-Nicene Church was a true spiritual healing center where the inner core of Spiritual Christians were taught very differently than the common believers who were imbued with a heathen and pagan mindset (see The Secret Doctrine Of Christianity), they have no idea that the position of the pre-Nicene Church was that the allegorical doctrine that is believed today is representative of entry-level Christianity that was  “preached in the Churches… for the simpleminded and for the ears of the common crowd who are led on to live better lives by their belief” (see Exoteric Doctrines Designed For Entry-Level Believers).    

The Spiritually Disenfranchised Church: In the post-Nicene Church the dogma of a series of Roman Emperors became the only acceptable Christian beliefs (see The Corruption Of The Church).   And during what is called The Age Of Enlightenment, disputes arose over what can be portrayed as a Deist vs a Theist perspective of God.  Quoting the Encyclopedia article on Deism: ...Prior to the 17th century the terms ['Deism' and 'Deist'] were used interchangeably with the terms 'theism' and 'theist,' respectively.  ...Both [theists and Deists] asserted belief in one supreme God, the Creator... and agreed that God is personal and distinct from the world."   So if, from an enlightened perspective, we ask the question as to what was the difference?   The answer can only be understood in light of Paul's statement that the Christians of a "natural" mind were simply too immature to understand the higher Mysteries of the Kingdom -- and basically they were only capable of a very simple and limited comprehension of the True Gospel Message -- which means that Paul was correct when he stated that the majority of people are simply too "carnal" to comprehend the higher revelations of the Gospel Message.

Where Paul portrayed himself as an "ambassador in bonds" who could not speak to them plainly because of their lack of spiritual maturity (see Mysteries) -- going so far as to state that he was barred from revealing greater wisdom as being "unlawful" for him to do so -- what Paul warned was that the true reality of God was -- and very much remains -- incomprehensible to the immature minds of the faith-based Christian believers.   But herein lies the problem to the dilemma -- i.e., Reason alone cannot solve the problem, unless one understands why the True Meaning of the Gospel could never -- and was never -- revealed to the believers of the simple-faith!!!   And while it may be true that "All men are created equal" -- unless one comes to understand why equal does not mean or equate to the same, then the dilemma that immerses mankind under a cloak of ignorance can never be resolved.

Thomas Paine was an enlightened visionary who saw and understood what Paul warned the Christian converts with respect to the limitations of their "natural" organic mind and thinking.   And in his positions found in his writings, Thomas Paine understood the nature of the problem that anchored the Christian world to a condition of profound ignorance.   In that article entitled Of The Religion Of Deism Compared With The Christian Religion, Paine hit the nail on the head when he writes: But the Church of Rome having set up its new religion, which it called Christianity, invented the creed which it named the Apostles's Creed, in which it calls Jesus the only son of God, conceived by the Holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary; things of which it is impossible that man or woman can have any idea, and consequently no belief but in words; and for which there is no authority but the idle story of Joseph's dream in the first chapter of Matthew, which any designing imposter or foolish fanatic might make.  It then manufactured the allegories in the book of Genesis into fact, and the allegorical tree of life and the tree of knowledge into real trees, contrary to the belief of the first Christians, and for which there is not the least authority in any of the books of the New Testament; for in none of them is there any mention made of such place as the Garden of Eden, nor of anything that is said to have happened there.  But the Church of Rome could not erect the person called Jesus into a Savior of the world without making the allegories in the book of Genesis into fact, though the New Testament, as before observed, gives no authority for it. All at once the allegorical tree of knowledge became, according to the Church, a real tree, the fruit of it real fruit, and the eating of it sinful. As priestcraft was always the enemy of knowledge, because priestcraft supports itself by keeping people in delusion and ignorance, it was consistent with its policy to make the acquisition of knowledge a real sin.

In reality, what Thomas Paine was in fact stating was that in its quest to empower the new religion, the Church of Rome in the manner of the Pharisees, threw away the Key of Knowledge -- which not only inhibited the very objective and purpose of the Gospel Message -- but further flat-lined the mental and spiritual development of the faith-based believers -- and because of their mental-suspension, rendering the use of the God-Given Gift of Reason virtually impossible.  From the perspective of the Original Authors, both inconsistencies and unfactual bogus events were intentionally written into the body of the text, in order to inhibit the literal interpretation (see Inconsistencies).  And while the Church remains in denial of the fact that the New Testament itself states the exact same thing with respect to the the fact that the scriptures were intentionally composed so that the intelligent seeker would reject the written meaning of the written text (see The Spiritual Diaspora).

The proverbial question then becomes: (1) Why would the authors of the scriptures intentionally write what was historically inaccurate; (2) why would they insert countless inconsistencies into the textual body; (3) why would they portray a counterfeit image of god that would be rejected by men of reason???   It must also be noted that the early Church Father who has been portrayed as the greatest teacher second only to the Apostles, portrayed those who believe the allegorical accounts of the written text to be "idiots" (see Mystery Of The Gospel).   And thus, the most important element of the question: Why did the Original Authors compose the scriptures in this manner that most faith-based Christians would portray as factually inaccurate and untruthful?   Since the time that man first set foot upon the face of the earth, those who knew the truth with respect to man's higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom, were hunted down by violent irrational superstitious mobs led by those who Thomas Paine portrays as "priestcraft" and despotic leaders.  

The Law is that those who are entrusted with the knowledge of the Truth, are obligated to protect and preserve the Truth -- just like they are obligated to guide sincere seekers in their quest to learn and possess the Truth.   And in the same way that Paul confessed that it was not even "lawful" to openly reveal the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom to profane ears of those who Jesus portrayed as "dogs and swine", the Original Authors were obligated to embed important esoteric truths beyond the perception of the carnal faith-based believers who would destroy the Truth if they were aware of its presence concealed within the allegory of the written word which Paul portrayed as the "letter that killeth [and] Jewish folktales" (see Shackled In The Abyss Of Absolute Ignorance).

All of Creation has been brought forth in accord with a Divine Design -- composed in the Universal Language of the Soul -- a language which can be learned through a conscious observation of Nature which is written in the same Universal Language -- and this fact is confirmed by Paul who wrote: "...because that which is known about God ...for God made it evident to them.  ...being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse" (Rom 1:19-20 NAS).

Admittedly, it is not as easy to look out at the world and understand God, the Divine Design and the Language of the Soul -- and so, wise visionaries created the scriptures to both use as a text book, and as a catalyst to bring about the seekers mental and spiritual maturity.

All Knowledge of the reality of Creation and the relationship of God and Man, can be conditioned upon the statement in the Gospel of Thomas: "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty"   (see The Unknown Self - The Reality Of The Soul).   That the Atheist remains totally lost in a world of intellectual poverty, and the Theist remains shackled by an immature understanding of God, is the direct result of their own failure to Know Thyself -- and comprehend the Cosmology of Mind and Being.

Quoting from: Do Atheists Prove The Deists In Error?  When rightly understood, while man's physical maturity is, for the most part, the organic expression of Natural Law -- whereby, growth and development from infancy to maturity is totally controlled by the Natural Laws -- this is not the case with man's state of mental maturity.   Because man has freewill, man's mental maturity is the result of a great many variable factions -- one of which is seen in the fact that the Natural Laws which support his physical development, only support those areas of mind that are supported by the needs and appetites of the physical body-vessel -- and while man has an innate potential of mind that few intellectual and philosophical schools of thought can even begin to envision -- in order to bring about this higher development of mind which remains totally elusive to those bound by "natural" organic reasoning, one must learn to invoke and embrace the Higher Laws that supercharge one's efforts.

What this means is that the very Natural Laws that insure physical development, also have the effect of not only limiting mental development beyond the physical needs and appetites of the physical body-vessel -- but you must overcome the limiting factor of the very Natural Laws of the Physical that promotes development to a certain level of maturity, in order to begin to develop and gain access to man's higher potential of mind and being that is not supported by the Natural Laws of the Earth.   In the same way that we don't have to manually bring about the physical development of an infant -- but rather, maintain the child within the construct of the Laws that brings this development about -- mental development beyond what is supported by the physical is brought about by the invocation of the Higher Laws working within man's own mind and being in a directed manner that brings about certain changes within his consciousness.   Which means that only when these Natural Laws are properly and intelligently invoked in a mental-environment that is conducive to the development of reason and intellect, is the consciousness of man freed from its organic limitations -- and it is this enlightened vision and reason that causes the Theist and questioning Atheist to mature into a Deist perception of God and Creation -- and even this higher perception and understanding comes in increments that would drive this higher vision into entry-level Alpha-Deists and matured Omega-Deists in their levels of Enlightened Comprehension.    In the same way that a fetus does not pop out of the womb in the form or a mature man or woman, the process of mental development beyond what is supported by the Natural Organic Laws of the earth, in much the same way can only bring about this growth and development in incremental steps -- level upon level.    And thus, the little understood statement: "Whom will he teach knowledge? And whom will he make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breasts? For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little" (Isa 28:9-10 NKJ). 

When the Key of Knowledge is properly applied to the scriptures in the manner that Jesus taught, what is revealed to the seeker is the very Laws and Forces of Mind and Being that acts as a catalyst to stimulate and bring about the objective of the Heightening And Expansion of Mind.   And this essential Knowledge of the Laws of Creation, the Cosmology of Mind and Being, and the Universal Language of the Soul which the Divine Symphony of Creation is composed in, is preserved and protected within the allegorical accounts of the scriptures to be revealed only to men of rational wisdom who are sincere seekers of Truth.

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