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The Audacity Of Reason

What is the true measure of Reason and Intellect?  While many Deists and Atheists claim to be guided by Reason in their opposition to traditional faith-based religion.  We must pose the question: Is this true?   In our understanding of Reason, it is equally important to understand the counterfeit reality of pseudo-reasoning -- and even convoluted reasoning.   When Reason itself refuses to examine the facts in its evaluations -- and remains bound and shackled to dogmatic, ideological, philosophical or cultural perspectives -- regardless of the facts -- then the assumptions and evaluations arrived at, in the light of factual truth, would be founded upon pseudo-reasoning.   In the words of Winston Churchill: "Most People, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth.  Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened."  Which provokes the question: If this is true -- and the person who makes a claim to the use of Reason in their assumptions -- brushed aside truth, when they encountered it -- then is their assumptions based upon Reason?   Or, must their alleged reasoning that is absent crucial important facts and truths, be relegated to the dung-heap of pseudo-reasoning?

In view of the fact that all of mankind are equally born into ignorance by virtue of their mental immaturity -- and most men remain the product of their upbringing which has been molded by the political, religious and cultural environment from which they have emerged -- then the measure of Intellect and Reason which they eventually attain to, is directly proportionate to their ability to emerge out of the cocoon of ignorance in which they were born.  Therefore, in view of the fact that each of us was born into a state of unknowing -- and we were all molded by the cocoon of our very limited upbringing -- the true definition of Reason and Intellect would be this: "...the ability of a person to re-evaluate what they believe to be true when additional and clarifying knowledge is received, and then apply this knowledge in their life so as to intimately embrace the higher truth that has been revealed in the endeavor to receive still Higher Truth."  If a person remains incapable of responding to clarifying facts and knowledge when it is presented to them -- re-evaluating their positions when clarifying facts and knowledge is presented to them -- then they have in every way abandoned and forsaken any rightful claim to the exercise of Reason and Intellect.

As an example: The historical record demonstrates that such illustrious thinkers as Pythagoras, Plato and even Einstein were all Deists -- but so too were the authors of the scriptures which many neo-Deists reject without understanding or acknowledging why the scriptures were written as allegorical accounts in the manner that makes no rational sense.   Under the heading of Why Is It Important To Understand The Inner Meaning Of The Scriptures, you will find the accounts of some of the most enlightened Deists of the past.   The Church Father Origen makes the statement as to "...What man is found such an idiot as" to believe these forms and symbols literally, and not to understand "...that every man must hold these things for images, under which the hidden sense lies concealed”?   (see Mystery).   Moses Maimonedes, one of the most respected of Jewish theologians, historian, and Talmudist, writes about the nature of scripture: “Every time that you find in our books a tale the reality of which seems impossible, a story which is repugnant to both reason and common sense, then be sure that the tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth; and the greater the absurdity of the letter, the deeper the wisdom of the spirit”.   The Apostle Peter portrays the scriptures as The Mystery Of The Books With The Power to Deceive.   Which means that if indeed the scriptures were authored by fellow Deists in an allegorical format which can be portrayed as The Language Of The Soul (see Natural Law And American Exceptionalism) -- (quoting) utilizing the same allegorical symbolism that all of Nature is composed and written in -- because, in the words of Plato, man dwells in a realm of allusions that is portrayed in the analogy of Plato's Cave -- then for neo-Deists to continue to reject and disparage the writings composed historically by the enlightened Deists of the past, must be recognized as their dwelling in a different type of cocoon than the Theists they reject.   From the perspective of the illusions of  Plato's Cave, like the modern multiplex theaters which present a great multitude of different shows, it can be said that the Deists -- as well as every other group -- are watching their own variety of illusions being played out on their multiplex screen within their segmented section of  Plato's Cave.   Not understanding what they are viewing with any true depth of comprehension -- while rejecting the theme of illusions being played out on the multiplex screens of other groups.   Therefore, it can be said that their failure to escape and come to terms with their own blend and variety of Cave-illusions, has caused them to fall victim to the wholesale abandonment of Reason and Intellect.  And while they are in a better state of mind than the Theists to escape the limitations of their very limited showing within the multiplex environment -- in their rejection of facts and truths, they remain perpetually shackled by the limitations of their ideological perspective.

Instead of rejecting and condemning the writings of the most influential and enlightened body of Deists the world has ever known, men of Reason and Intellect should instead be focused on understanding why the scriptures were written in what is rightly portrayed as the allegorical Language Of The Soul.    Moreover, it is equally important to understand why the biblical authors warned that man in his "natural" organic condition of mind is incapable of comprehending even his own higher soul-reality (see Could Thomas Paine Do What The Apostle Paul Said Was Impossible ).  Moreover, neo-Deists could begin to prevail over the forces of ignorance they observe in the world, by recognizing and demonstrating the fact that it was necessary throughout history to conceal the body of esoteric knowledge that revealed the Forces and Laws of Mind that inhibited man's escape from the conditions of  Plato's Cave -- which is synonymous with what the historical man Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being -- because the enlightened Deist has been perpetually hunted down as heretics by the "priestcraft" of the Church.   Moreover, when it is realized that the modern body of faith-based believers all dwell under the effects of Stockholm Syndrome -- where they in practice, reject the core Gospel teachings -- while remaining victims of the dogma of Pagan Rome which was forced upon the Church by the power of the secular sword -- the Deists could begin to invoke the power of Reason and Intellect that would free the congregations of faith-based believers from the dogmatic shackles of ignorance.   By opening the door of higher rational thought and reality, the modern Deist would then be able to take his rightful place in the world today.

To free the faith-based believers from the destructive programming of the counterfeit Church, the Deist will have to demonstrate to the Christian world the fact that their dogmatic system of beliefs has absolutely nothing in common with the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay (see    Only when the proponents of Reason and Intellect can demonstrate to the faith-based believers that they are the victims of a dogmatic lie that will rob them of the salvation they seek, can the modern Deist even begin to turn the tide of ignorance that shackles the people to meaningless lives of blind belief.  

Deism is defined as "...the belief that reason and observation of the natural world are sufficient to determine the existence of a creator, accompanied with the rejection of revelation and authority as a source of religious knowledge" (see Wikipedia).   And when understood, an ultra-important element in the equation of the use of reason to understand God, is to recognize the fact that not only does virtually everyone see the world differently, but their use of reason portrays a world of greatly varying perceptions.   Which means that unless the person who is relying upon reason comprehends why different people see the world differently, then the whole argument for the use of reason becomes undermined and defective.

To further clarify this position let me state that if it is true that truth is ascertained by observing the natural world, then part of what one observes is the vast differences in the picture seen through the filter of dogmatic imagery that each person sees when they look out at the natural world.   Which means that an important part of the equation, is in understanding why these greatly differing visions of the world exist to divide men across what could very well be portrayed as a dilemma of absolute confusion.   An integral element of observing the natural world, is to recognize the fact that different men see the world from not only different -- but often, conflicting perspectives.   And the solution is not for one man to dictate to another man how they should see the world -- but rather, to begin by first understanding the causal reasons why they see the world differently.

In the article Could Thomas Paine Do What The Apostle Paul Said Was Impossible, I demonstrate that the biblical authors openly warned the faith-based congregation of believers that if man's true higher soul and spiritual reality was revealed to them in their present "natural" organic condition of mind, that they would reject man's true spiritual reality as utter "foolishness".   Paul himself states that the written text of the scriptures is allegorical -- portraying it as the "letter that killeth [and] Jewish folktales" (see Shackled In The Abyss Of Absolute Ignorance). 

It is simply not a valid exercise of the use of Reason on the part of the Deists who point out the inconsistencies in the written text of the scriptures, when the pre-Nicene authorities of the Church openly acknowledged that this same written text was intentionally rendered "worthless"!! (see Worthlessness Of Written Text).   To the degree that the pre-Nicene authorities within the Church portrayed those who blindly believed the written text of the scriptures as "idiots"!!!   It is ONLY a valid use of Reason when the critics of the Church are able to explain WHY the authors of the scriptures intentionally wrote the written word so that men of Reason and Intellect will not be led astray  by the insanity and "worthlessness" presented in the text, and perceive the allegorical meaning that has been preserved and hidden away in plain sight of the "priestcraft" of the Church by the enlightened Deist authors.   Only when it is realized that the scriptures were composed and written in what must be portrayed as The Language Of The Soul -- and it is understood that by Divine Design, all of Creation is as a celestial symphony composed in this same Language Of The Soul -- can True Reason be properly applied to the enigma of both the scriptures and all of Creation.    Further, when it is understood that the scriptures are in fact a text-book -- i.e., an elementary primer -- intended to teach the reader the enigmatic tenets of The Universal Language Of The Soul that is needed to understand -- in order to comprehend through the use of Reason, the Natural Laws of Creation itself, then what is portrayed as Reason by the majority of Deists, must be recognized as the antithesis of Reason (see Intellectual Folly).    Where the Atheist lives in denial, and the Theist dwells in a state of immaturity, only the Enlightened Deist whose Reason and Intellect has been nourished by the body of Knowledge made plain through  The Universal Language Of The Soul, can assist both the Atheist and the Theist to escape their dogmatic dungeon in which they presently dwell.

When it is understood that Jesus condemned the leaders of the Jews as "blind guides" because, in their outward carnal interpretation of the scriptures, they threw away what he portrayed as the Key of Knowledge, then the Deists are correct in their condemnation of "priestcraft" that for their own political and monetary gain, have corrupted the very meaning and purpose of the original Christian teachings of TheWay.  Recognizing that in the same way that the Pharisees were portrayed as apostates to the Truth and the Kingdom for throwing away the Key of Knowledge, then so too was the "priestcraft" who molded the dogma of the Church with carnal interpretations of man's higher spiritual reality that they possessed no real understanding of.

In exercising the Gift of Reason, and recognizing that men are hardwired (see The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind) by the Laws of Nature to perceive the world from not only different perspectives -- but often conflicting perspectives -- then the act of merely telling them that they are wrong, would in fact be the Absolute Suspension of Reason on the part of Deists.   And this is in fact why Paul condemned all manmade sects and the use of "human opinion" (see Confrontation Of Man-Made Dogma Against Spiritual Truth) in the dogmatic interpretation of the scriptures.    And if we pose the question as to why Paul condemned even the use of "human opinion" in man's search for Truth?   Because he understood the reason the Natural Laws hardwired men to perceive and understand the world from different and often conflicting perspectives.   And Paul was so adamant about this point, that he warned the Galatians to have nothing to do with someone who proposes a sect based upon human reasoning.    

If it is true that the almost countless varying schools of thought that emerge out of the thinking of mankind is the result of their perception and understanding of the world being hardwired by the very Laws of Nature that Deists state provides a clear picture of God and man's true reality, then the Deists who condemn both the Theists and the Atheists have themselves betrayed and abandoned the very essence of Reason.   Moreover, if it is true that the Deists have rejected the core Gospel teachings because of the apostasy and corruptions of "priestcraft" -- without understand the very nature of these corruptions by observing the world and the movement of the Natural Laws which hardwires all men to perceive and understand not only from a different and often conflicting perspective -- but also a very limited perspective -- then in not conveying to mankind a solution to this quagmire of the human condition, it can be said that the Deists have made themselves apostates to the very Laws of Nature and Nature's God which they proclaim.  

The use of Reason and Intellect always demands a causal factor which initiates an observed condition.   What this equates to is that men of Reason respond to facts.   Which means that without a clear understanding of the causal factor, man's thinking is always relegated to the dungeons of blind faith and belief.  If, in our observation of the world, we recognize that men perceive and understand the world from vastly different and often conflicting perspectives -- and we come to understand that the causal factor is seen in the reality that the Laws of Nature must maintain balance -- and to maintain this balance across the spectrum of man's fractionalized organic condition of mind, the Laws hardwire the perception and thinking of each person and school of thought to a different fragmentary vision of man's higher reality (see The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind) -- then to insist that as a solution, that each school of thought should homogenize their thinking to one common perception regardless of the fact that the Laws of Nature has imbued them with a different vision of life and reality -- would be deemed a total rejection of the very Reason why the Laws of Nature hard-wires each human grouping and school of thought to perceive and understand the world from a different and often conflicting perspective.   Which means that unless the Deists can convey to others the means by which they can overcome their inherent organic limitations imposed upon them by the Laws of Nature, then what we have is a rejection of Reason in what can be best portrayed as the dogma of revealed deism -- where one self-proclaimed authority expects others to reject their own inherent reasoning, to subscribe to an alien-reasoning that is not native to the manner in which their thinking has been hardwired by the Laws of Nature.  

When rightly understood, Theism is in reality an immature perception and understanding of God that is based upon an immature understanding of self that lacks the essential vision portrayed in the words: Know Thyself.   Which condition of immaturity is embedded in the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty".   When it is recognized that all the visionaries and mature thinkers throughout history have all been Deists who not only understood the movement of the Natural Laws in the life of man -- but also, possessed the essential knowledge of how to prevail over the Laws and Forces of Mind that enables man to overcome organic human limitations, and open the inner door to the Higher Reality of the soul (see ).

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