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The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind

The following is excerpted from the American Spirituality website at the subheading The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind.   And what is presented will be of unparalleled importance to the Rational and Intelligent Seeker who is attempting to understand the true nature of the reality and confusion they observe in the world about them.   While it is written from a Deist perspective -- it is written from the position that if the rational mind fails to comprehend the manner in which the Laws Of Nature manifests among the minds of men, that what the intellectual thinks is an expression of reason, will be pure irrationality.  

The modern Deist proclaims to the traditional Theist: Abandon your whole system of religion and theology, and adopt our mindset and thinking.   But in all but a very few instances, where the modern Deist parrots the rhetoric of Enlightened Deists of the past, it is easily demonstrated that the the modern Deist possesses no real understanding of the Laws of Nature -- and therefore, their philosophy is based upon pseudo-reasoning.   And when the reality of the segmented mind is properly understood, the whole of man's Temple of Intellectual Reasoning collapses from being built upon a gravely flawed foundation.  

Before you can begin to heal a disease, you must first understand the nature and cause of the disease.   Only snake-oil salesmen promote a cure, without first understanding the cause of the destructive malady -- and even the nature of wellness as personified in the portrayal of mental and spiritual balance which can only be achieved through a Condition of Wholeness.

The Missing Intellectual Link: An integral element to the reality of the phrase, The Laws of Nature and Nature's God, is presented in the following quotations from The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind:

Modern Deists maintain that theirs is the True Path of Reason -- suggesting that all Jews, Christians, Muslims and even Atheists, should abandon their own religions and mindset, and embrace the philosophy of the Deists. But the folly and irrationality of such a position is immediately recognized, when the Natural Laws are understood with respect to the Divine Design of Creation that necessitates balance across both the cosmos (Macrocosm) and the spectrum of human thought and thinking (microcosm) -- and the fact that each school of thought among mankind can be said to be hardwired to perceiving the world from a pre-programmed perspective (see The Enigma Of The Twelve -- The Laws -- And The Tree Of Life ). And if this is true with respect to the requirement of the Natural Laws which must maintain balance across the spectrum of human thought and thinking, then the scenario of the Deist attempting to simply tell the Theist and Atheist to give up their condition of mind and rational thought -- to merely adopt an alternative school of thought that is contrary to their own hardwired perception of life -- must be seen as the epitome of irrationality on the part of the Deist. Quoting from the foregoing link:

In what is known as the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospels, one of the primary commandments is a prohibition against judging our brothers and sisters. Why? Because each person sees and perceives the world from a different and sometimes conflicting perception and understanding -- a perception and understanding that is brought about and maintained by the Laws of Creation which imbues Nature with the Objective of maintaining balance and wholeness. Perhaps it can be thought of as the Tower of Babel Syndrome on steroids. Therefore, when we judge another, we are in effect not only finding fault with the Laws of Creation -- but we are also judging others who are polarized to a different sphere/fragment within the pattern of the Tree of Life -- from the perspective of our own fragmentary perception and understanding. And while empathetic discernment of others is of the utmost importance in the development of mind as manifest in the pattern of the Tree of Life within us, it is imperative that we understand the difference between discernment and judgment. In the same way that the great variations and diversity of thinking across the spectrum of mankind exists and is maintained by the Laws of Nature and Nature's God (Laws of Creation), while each fragment within the whole is representative of a fractionated truth, the inherent limitations in the construct of each fragment, immerses that individual perception of truth in a sea of confusion and error by virtue of its fractionated reality. While Truth exists within the Reality of the Whole, a fragment that is based upon 1/144.000th of the whole, exists in grave error apart from the Fullness of the Whole.

In the 90th chapter of the Gospel of the Nazirenes this important teaching is preserved: "The One truth has many sides, and one sees one side only, another, and some see more than others, according as it is given to them. Behold this crystal; how the one light is manifest in twelve faces, yea four times twelve, and each face reflects one ray of light, and one regards one face, and another, another, but it is the one crystal, and the one light that shines in all." What it is saying is that One Truth is divided across the spectrum of the Twelve, and each person only sees one face of the twelve -- and when the words, "...yea four times twelve" is understood as the division of the pattern of the twelve within each of the twelve, each person only sees a fragment of the face of the original twelve as portrayed in the twelve faces of the crystal that divides and segments the One Truth. And since the perception and understanding of what each person thinks they see as a fragmented 1/144.000th is from a different and often paradoxically different perspective than another person, not only is every person and group bound by error by virtue of their own inherent incompleteness -- but their judgment (in contradistinction of discernment) of the perception and understanding of others, inhibits them from advancing beyond a very rudimentary and incomplete reality of mind.

What is the ramifications? If, you divide the twelve spheres of the Tree of Life across the spectrum of humanity in the outer world, then each person is representative of 1/144,000th of the whole. Which means that each person who begins their existence as a one-celled human-amoeba, can only represent 1/144,000th of the Whole. And when you take into account the three-dimensional aspects of this world in relation to The Divine Pattern Of Creation as represented in the Spiritual Doctrine of the Trinity -- and the reality that True Wholeness can only be achieved when the Three Exist At-One -- this reality opens a whole new dimension to the paradox of Wholeness. What is not at all understood is that the soul of man is asexual -- i.e., but not asexual in the meaning of the absence of polarity in the negative sense -- but rather, the negation of the polarities through their evolved Fullness and Absolute Balance as portrayed in the 22nd saying of the Gospel of Thomas in the words: Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female...".

The soul and true self of man which -- in its Natural Form is a Being of Light (see ) -- is a positive and absolute balance of male/female and the third-force Manifestation of Higher Mind and Being. What this means is that while the higher soul-self can manifest in this elevated state of being which I portray as the Realm Of Souls because it is not limited to the three dimensions of this physical world, it is impossible for the soul to manifest in a one-cell human amoebic-embryo. Whereby, when projected into this world, not only is the soul subject to the limitations of the Natural Laws which require Wholeness across the spectrum of the 144,000, but also divided across the gender-divide. Which means that when you further divide the one cell embryo across gender lines, that makes each man or woman half of this apportionment. Which is why in the above Gospel of Thomas teaching on when the Kingdom would come, not only must there be a positive-evolved balance of male/female within the Trinitarian Divine Pattern -- i.e., "...when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female..." -- but Jesus states that unless you achieve the next stages of birth through this process of Evolved-Oneness which is able to achieve the necessary Wholeness, you cannot bring about the state of Wholeness within your mind and being that enables the person you are in this world to be united to your higher soul-self -- and ultimately, to the Indwelling Logos and Creator-God as a Fully Evolved Being of Light.

When the biblical authors write and warn that man's higher soul-reality and the Kingdom is incomprehensible to the "natural" mind of organic man (see The Second Fatal Mistake), it is because Truth can only exist at a soul-level of mind and being where the twelve faces of the crystal are manifest in the One Truth -- and ultimately, at the Logos Level of Reality (see Logos). What this means from a holographic perspective, is that in the same way that our physical bodies were formed from the joining and union of the sperm and ovum of our mother and father, when we were born into this world that was only the First Phase of Birth -- and having entered this world as male or female, we exist as a Cosmic Ovum And Sperm (see The Trinity And The Divine Pattern Of Creation). And from the perspective of our un-manifested higher soul and spiritual reality, this realm can be portrayed as the mental-womb of Mother-God that is the necessary environment to bring about the next stage of birth which enables us to manifest out Eternal Soul-Self in the body-vessel -- as portrayed in another version of the above quotation from the Gospel of Thomas that has been preserved in the Second Epistle Of Clement where Jesus is quoted with respect to the teachings on the coming of the Kingdom in the words: “Let us expect, therefore, hour by hour, the kingdom of God in love and righteousness, since we know not the day of the appearing of God. For the Lord Himself, being asked by one when His kingdom would come, replied, 'When two shall be one, that which is without as that which is within, and the male with the female, neither male nor female’” .

A truly enlightened Spiritually Mature seeker who understood what is often portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, would begin to grasp the reality that, BY DESIGN, there can never be unity in the outer world, because the Laws MUST maintain Wholeness -- and the primary cell that formed you as an embryo could only be imbued with 1/144,000th part of the Whole. And since each of the twelve spheres of mind perceive and understand the world from a different and often opposite paradoxical perspective, then what you have is the embodiment of the allegorical Tower of Babel Syndrome that fragments the thinking and perception of all of mankind -- resulting in the great conflict of thought that we can easily observe in the world. Thus, based upon this higher reality, if we pose the question: What makes you perceive and understand the world differently from others? The vastly different perceptions are in fact hard-wired into each person's thinking -- each person possessing a piece of the enigmatic puzzle -- and together, making a whole.

The Solution To The Dilemma: One of the parables of the Kingdom in the Gospels is that of a merchant who searches and finds the Pearl of Great Price, and he goes and sells all his lesser pearls in order to purchase it. But since the carnal mind of the readers fail to understand with any depth or fullness (see Prologue Of The Key Of Knowledge), they fail to recognize the fact that the key to acquiring the Pear of Great Price is to have collected a substantial number of lesser pearls that can then be sold in order to acquire the One Pearl. And what this means is that each person possesses a lesser pearl -- i.e., a fragment of truth -- and by developing your power of empathy in conjunction with an understanding of the Natural Laws -- and then using the power of empathy in your interactions with your brothers and sisters as a type of catalyst to reflect their fragmented perception back to you -- you can then begin to expand your own mind, consciousness and being -- INWARDLY.

We can define empathy as the ability to suspend one's own self in the endeavor to project one's self into the life and thinking of another, in order to perceive and understand the world from their perspective. And what this means is that while you may not agree with their perception of life because they are also representative of 1/144,000th of the whole, they do possess a fragment or lesser pearl that you must possess within yourself, in order to begin to achieve Wholeness within your own self -- which is accomplished by expanding your own mind, consciousness and being (see Expansion And Heightening Of Mind) beyond natural physical organic limitations. But herein lies the problem -- i.e., empathy only works when you are able to suspend judgment -- as detailed in the Gospel -- because judgment is partisan and parochial, and is itself limited to a fragment of mind/whole. Yet, while judgment is an extremely limiting factor, one of the elements that is absolutely necessary to the expansion of mind, is discernment.

Without judgment, I can discern the vision and perception of life through the eyes of a homosexual, a whore, a thief, a liberal or conservative, a person of a certain philosophical or theological persuasion, as well as every other fragmented variety of human condition. By suspending judgment, and empathetically inserting myself into the conditions of my brothers and sisters, I can not only see from their perspective -- but I can then use that person as a catalyst to interact with that part of myself that is in harmony with that other person. And each time I am able to do this, I am in effect expanding my own mind, consciousness and being. That does not mean that I agree with their very limited and fragmented assessment of life -- but rather, that by empathetically projecting myself into their mind and thinking, and using them as a reflective catalyst, I can collect one of the lesser pearls within myself -- which eventually can be exchanged for the Pearl of Great Price that is beyond natural organic human conception because of the limiting factor of the Natural Laws.

Homosexuals claim that they were created homosexual -- and while many people may be in denial of this claim, it is fundamentally true (see Conditions Of Birth). The question that should be asked is: Why has such a person been born homosexual in this present life? In fact, modern science has about proven that each person is born hard-wired to the life that they are presently living. Consider the interesting finding in the Publishers Weekly Review of the book entitled Hardwired Behavior: What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality:

Society's assumptions about free will and individual responsibility must be drastically revised in the light of scientific discoveries about the brain, argues this fascinating study. Drawing on a wealth of recent developments in neurobiology, genetics and brain imaging, Tancredi, a professor of psychiatry and a lawyer, examines new findings about the neurological structures and processes that underlie reasoning, emotions and decision-making. He applies these discoveries to such traditional moral concerns as violence, sexual infidelity, lying, gluttony and sloth, and even financial fraud and gambling. The striking results of this research, he notes, indicate that hormones, drugs, genetic abnormalities, injuries and traumatic experiences all have profound effects on brain structure and functioning, and hence on moral choices; indeed, some experiments imply that our actions are initiated by the unconscious brain before we are consciously aware of them, raising the possibility that our sense of moral agency is a retrospective "illusion." Tancredi supplements his rather dry exposition of the science with case studies from his clinical practice, including lengthy profiles of a sex-addicted patient and of a "biologically driven" serial killer, and closes by pondering the possibility and perils of a hypothetical Brave New World-style program of neurological intervention-complete with brain implants-to improve morality. Some will consider Tancredi's talk of the "empathetic" female brain and "systemizing" male brain and his chalking up of pedophilia to "an imbalance of the monoamine neurotransmitters" and homosexuality to "differences in neurohumeral activity during the prenatal phase" to be glibly reductionist, but many will find his well-researched overview of the new science of the brain a stimulating addition to the debate about human nature.

What this means is that your thinking -- and your manner of thought -- is solely depended upon your Conditions Of Birth. -- orchestrated by (1) your Spiritual DNA based upon your soul's previous accomplishments; (2) where in the spectrum of the 1/144,000 you fall; (3) karmic loops that are carried from life to life; (4) and the debts you owe as portrayed in the reality of the words: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7 NIV). In the above example of the person who is born homosexual: While there is a biological cause which the book by Prof. Tancredi notes in his conclusion to "differences in neurohumeral activity during the prenatal phase", these differences are orchestrated by the foregoing four factors with respect to each person's Conditions Of Birth. That each individual person is born into the life that they are about to live that has been orchestrated by the Natural Laws and the role on the stage of life that has been incorporated into their own curriculum and syllabus of learning, means that the choices we make in conjunction with what we accomplish with the opportunity of life, orchestrates the life that our soul-self will be born into in the future.

What this means is that a liberal, is a liberal, because his thinking is hard-wired to that manner of perception and thinking -- as is a conservative. Ultra-liberal Alan Combs is incapable of seeing the world from the perspective of Right-wing Sean Hannity -- and their perceptive thinking is hard-wired to opposite spheres of mind. Which one is right? It is not a question of right or wrong, because they both possess an important fragmented piece of the enigmatic puzzle -- which when combined with many other fragmented pieces, creates the whole that is maintained across the spectrum of human thought by the Natural Laws that control our lives.

The Gospel message tells us not to judge our brothers and sisters, because judgment is predicated upon a perception of right and wrong. Yet, the Gospel also requires a very high level of discernment. The Gospel account of Jesus has him stating to the man: "Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee" (John 5:14 KJV). Which means that what is portrayed as sin has dire consequences. And to the woman caught in adultery Jesus stated: "...go and sin no more'" (John 8:2-11 NKJ). Thus, while discernment and an enlightened sense of cause and effect and higher reality is absolutely necessary, judgment must be understood within the spectrum of the Natural Laws.

If not even a sparrow can fall to the earth apart from the Will of God (see The Great Christian Quagmire) -- and each person is preordained and hard-wired to the life they are presently living -- then while ideological judgment is in and of itself the embodiment of evil, discernment and being extremely cognizant of the fact that choices have consequences that must be lived out, is a human reality that must be intimately embraced by those who aspire to arise to man's highest potential. The fact that we are all different -- and to perceive and evolve the ability to understand the causal factors that hard-wired us to these often radically opposite differences -- is of the highest importance in overcoming our own natural limitations -- and ultimately acquiring the Pearl of Great Price.

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