Monday, September 24, 2018

Climbing The Intellectual Ladder

Limbing The Intellectual Ladder That Enlightens The Gift OF Reason

Deists are supposed to be of a higher understanding and mental development, because they understand the Natural Laws that impact and control their consciousness -- and the level of mind. In a FaceBook post I was told: Still relying upon the Esoteric Knowledge fallacy, huh? And then a meme was posted that used foul language to express the thinking of the author -- to which I replied:
If you can contemplate and then prove what the body of Esoteric Knowledge conveys within yourself, then you have climbed the intellectual evolutionary ladder to a higher level of wisdom and consciousness. Which means that you then possess the ability to go on from that elevated point onto the next plateau. If you fail to at least engage and investigate the body of Esoteric Knowledge, then you remain at that level of intellect -- unable to go on to the next level. Are you right or wrong? Does it matter? The problem is that you will not be able to even evaluate your position until you have passed from this life-cycle. And if the body of Esoteric Knowledge is true -- and you need the physical body to advance beyond that level of mind and being -- then you have not only thrown away the very opportunities that life in this realm has offered you -- but you could be stuck at that lower level of consciousness, mind and being.
One of the things that amazes me about those who reject the body of Esoteric Knowledge, is their flat-lined mind that totally insulates themselves from higher thought -- as if they dwell in a cocoon of limited vision and understanding. Even when modern science has proven the validity of the assertion of the mystic who has explored beyond the limitations of physical vision (see The True Facts And Realities Of Life ). Further, in this present culture with information and knowledge literally at our fingertips, a person has to totally insulate themselves from all more advanced opinions and experiences in order to remain in their self-imposed cocoon that blocks all opposing positions and truths. Because they have no answers to the enigmas of life, they resort to cursing at you, or calling you names.
Shock and awe will come upon them, when they pass from this cycle of life, and are confronted with man's true higher reality that they will no longer be able to deny and denigrate.