Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Death of Free Speech Equals the Suppression of Truth

While Christians attempt to take credit for the Constitutional form of Government in the United States, in view of the fact that most Christian Churches are offended by the Truth of the Gospels, it was the Deists and Masons who were responsible for a government that cannot make any laws infringing the God-Given Right of free-speech. 

One of the Facts of Life that are suppressed by the majority of western religious, secular and cultural institutions, is the reality that all the souls who are presently living in the world, have lived here countless times prior to this present time-frame.  And, all the leaders of the past who we study in the history books, are presently the same leaders on the world's stage today.  And because these leaders in most instances bring their distant past into the present, on countless occasions I have stated that the Truth could not be told, if the original disciples of Jesus had not been born in the 18th century time-frame, to bring about the Constitutional form of government of the United States. And they incarnated together as a group, in order to create the necessary secular environment where the Truth that offends the religious and political institutions, could be told.  And in this respect, I have many times stated that I could never have written the great number of websites that I have which restore the Original Gospel teachings (see ) that were suppressed by the Church, if I dwelled in any country other than the United States.  Which statement of fact has offended many of my critics who are proponents of the European forms of government. 

To prove me right, the European Court of Human rights ruled that, "freedom of speech does not extend to include defaming the prophet of Islam" -- which means that the Truth can no longer be spoken or written in the European nations (see ).  What are the ramifications of this ruling?  What it means is that, in the same way that the Church of Rome corrupted the Original Gospel Teachings, historical men who were Mohammed impostors, corrupted both Islam and the Qur'an (see ) -- making the Muslim religion a spiritual abomination.   Moreover, the many men who historically were personified as Mohammed, corrupted both the spiritual core of Islam with respect to the teachings on the True Prophet, and also the important teachings on the necessity to make the Journey to Mecca -- thereby rendering the religion of Islam spiritually impotent.  And while under the US Constitution it remains legal to speak and present the Truth and the Facts, this essential freedom has been declared illegal throughout Europe.    And this ruling not only impacts people such as myself and the articles we author, but also inhibits more spiritually-minded Muslims from openly speaking the Truth.  And in many ways this ruling renders Europe the very embodiment of what can rightly be portrayed as a "snowflake" protected safe-space or domain -- wherein it was found by the European Court of Human Rights which ruled that the Austrian courts had “carefully balanced her right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected.”  Which means that the religious "feelings" of Muslims is protected against a critics freedom of speech.  And since many of the impostors who were personified as Mohammed were true despots who murdered the innocent and sexually exploited both women and those who they took as slaves -- which sin against mankind continues even in our present time-frame -- this ruling by the Court is the first step in the negation of the essential God-Given Rights of all Europeans.

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