Monday, August 13, 2018

Deism vs the folly of Revealed Religion

Deism vs the folly of Revealed Religion

Yesterday I presented the difference between the god of the Theists vs the God of the Deists (see ). Because the Core Deists understood the workings of the Natural Laws, they rejected the tenets of Revealed Religion as a man-made dogma created by priest-craft whose doctrines totally alienated believers from their spiritual inheritance as the "offspring of God". It is easily proven that the Original uncorrupted Gospel taught that all of mankind could bypass the faux-prophets of this world, and communicate directly with Creator-God (see Wholeness of Mind & Being ) -- which proves that the doctrines of Revealed Religion were created to make believers dependent upon the Church.

 The Enlightened Deists of the past understood that the purpose of the Natural Laws was to evolve each Soul to a condition of Wholeness -- or, in the words of martyred Deist Giordano Bruno: "The divine perfection of the individual soul is the aim of all progression". And the Enlightened Deist understood that this was brought about by the Natural Laws over the course of many lives -- or, in the words of Bruno: "The soul is not the body and it may be in one body or in another, and pass from body to body". And since the Source of Divine Knowledge is within each of us, we don't need the priests of Revealed Religion to gain access into this Inner Source of Knowledge. In fact, the dogma of Revealed Religion inhibits believers from tapping into this Inner Source of Knowledge that exists within every person.

 The Natural Laws as portrayed in the core of Deism as the Clock-Maker Universe (see Clockmaker Vs Jalopy Universe ), portrays the purpose of the Natural Laws in the process of evolving each Soul to its full stature in achieving Wholeness and Completion. And this is accomplished by the Natural Laws by confronting each Soul with their own actions and deeds which they carried out with their brothers and sisters. How does the Natural Laws of Creation accomplish this? Because this world is as a Living Bio-Feedback Organism that is charged with the responsible to evolve each person to their ultimate condition of Completion (see Living Bio-Feedback Organism ). Which means that the good in the world is the result of the Natural Laws returning to each Soul the good that they have previously brought about to their fellow mankind -- and all evil in the world is the result of the Natural Laws returning to each Soul the evil they perpetrated upon their fellow mankind. And the Enlightened Deists understood that the Soul evolves to Completion, Wholeness and Perfection, by confronting each person with their own actions towards their brothers and sisters. Theists have no understanding of the Natural Laws, because they have been duped into believing that they have a dispensation by virtue of their beliefs, and they cling to the faux-doctrine that they are not held accountable for their wrong actions (sin?) against their brothers and sisters.

 The doctrine that they are exempt from the Natural Laws has totally alienated the believers of Revealed Religion from understanding how the Natural Laws that were put into effect in the Alpha of Creation, are charged with the purpose of evolving each Soul to its ultimate potential.

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