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The God of the Theists vs the God of the Deists

The god of the Theists vs the God of the Deists

What would Thomas Paine say to modern Deists?  By seeking higher knowledge and comprehending the Natural Laws, Deists understood that the god of the Theists were of their own creation. In one of the most ignored Gospel statements we are not only portrayed as the offspring of God, but as dwelling within the Mind of God -- i.e., “‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring’” (Acts 17:28 NIV). Put this together with the above statement by James Jeans that: “...the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine”. Or the words of Arthur Eddington: “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff”. And you have portrayed a higher reality that few people are even prepared to contemplate -- much less, understand with sufficient degree to even form a realistic opinion.

A Deist who understands the Natural Laws understands that God is not a being who is separate from man -- but is the very Consciousness within which we move and have out being. Perhaps one of the best teachings (which was removed from the canonical Gospels by the Church, has been preserved in the outlawed Gospel of the Nazirenes, and is known as the parable of the fishes (quoting):

"And there were certain men, of doubtful mind, who came to Yeshua, and said to him, You tell us that our life and being comes from God, but we have never seen God, nor do we know of any God. Can you show us whom you call the Father-Mother, one God? We don't know if there is a God. Yeshua answered them, saying, Hear this parable of the fishes. The fishes of a certain river communed with one another, saying, they tell us that our life and being is from water, but we have never seen water, we don't know what it is. Then some among them, wiser than the rest, said, We have heard there dwells in the sea a wise and learned fish, who knows all things. Let us journey to him, and ask him to show us what water is. So several of them set out to find this great and wise fish, and they came at last to the sea where in the wise fish dwelt, and they asked of him. And when he heard them he said to them, O you foolish fish that don't contemplate! The few of you who seek, are wise. You live, and move, and have your being in the water; from the water you came, to the water you return. You live in the water, yet you don't know it.' In a similar manner, you live in God, and yet you ask of me, 'Show us God.' God is in all things, and all things are in God."

(quoting finished)

In not understanding the above and the MOVEMENT of the Natural Laws, it is impossible for the Theist to make any mental or spiritual gain. And this is also true of atheists who masquerade as Deists. If the foundation of Deism is the understanding of the Natural Laws -- especially within the Clock-Maker Universe Pattern -- then one of the primary goals is to fulfill the adage to Know Thyself -- i.e., your True-Self -- and only then can you begin to Know God -- within whom you dwell.

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