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 The Deception Of Thomas Paine

The Apology of the Soul that lived as Thomas Paine.
It's not that Thomas Paine was wrong. Or that he wanted to deceive people. Because of the Metaphysical Nature of Mind that must be developed over the course of many lives, he could not convey the Whole Truth to the people who read his pamphlets. Resulting in the reality that those people who blindly followed his writings, in many instances became even more intellectually disenfranchised than the blind believers who he opposed. When Thomas Paine wrote of his Mind being the Church, as seen in his statement: “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.” -- because he did not -- or more correctly, could not -- explain how his Mental-Church developed and was built over the course of many lifetimes, Deism became burdened by the atheists who became its leaders -- i.e., Revealed Deism and the "priest=craft" of the Church of Atheism.


An Enlightened Deist understands the Laws of Nature and Nature's God as the means to construct the Church of an intellectually advanced people who understood the purpose and mysteries of Life. But in failing to understand why all people were not born knowing and enlightened -- why all people espoused and clung to different and often contrary beliefs -- many of which were paradoxical and in opposition to each other -- Deism itself became all that the 18th century Enlightened Deists opposed and rejected. And therein lies the problem as seen in the fact that mind and consciousness is in fact Metaphysical -- which is defined as "the essentially metaphysical question of the nature of the mind". Which means that the Church of Mind that Thomas Paine made reference to, cannot be examined and seen with man's organic physical sense of vision. Moreover, what is portrayed as Natural Religion which is based upon The Laws of Nature and Nature's God, is also Metaphysical. Which means that genuine Deism is in fact a purely Metaphysical path -- totally unsuitable for atheists whose only motivation is to reject the religious path. And the reality of both Mind and the Natural Laws lies beyond the perceptive-vision of the vast majority of mankind. Which means that like a physical church or organization, every person's Mental-Church has to be built and constructed if the person is to achieve the ability to know the Truth. Which further means that when a Deist states: "God gave us reason, and not religion", the gift of reason (1) was not bestowed equally among all the people's of the earth; and (2) unless the person understands how the intellect is evolved and matured through the Natural Laws over the course of many lives, then the person's claim to be a Deist is the result of the "priest-craft" of Revealed Deism.


What this means is that the Mind is Metaphysical. And the Metaphysical Church of the Mind must be constructed within the thinking and mindset of the person, in order to arise at an Enlightened Level of Consciousness. Which provokes the question: Since the gift of Reason was not equally bestowed among all people, then how did Thomas Paine's Metaphysical Church of Mind get constructed? Like all Advanced Souls, Thomas Paine had previously lives many spiritually successful lives. Further, Thomas Paine was born into a Quaker family -- and Quaker's believe that their only teacher should be the Inner Light which they seek out during extended periods of meditation and living in accord with the Laws of God and Nature. People meditate in order to acquire self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of Consciousness. In fact, one of the fruits of meditation is to acquire the self-knowledge that is revealed in the knowledge of each Soul's own previous lives that person has lived. Which means that the wisdom of Thomas Paine was built upon his Soul's spiritual accomplishments spanning countless lives that he had lived. But what this also means is that the Metaphysical Church of Mind that Thomas Paine was portraying as the Source of his beliefs, was formed and constructed over the course of many lives. And the fact that modern scientific investigation has proven the belief in reincarnation to be true and valid (see Science Proves Reincarnation  ) -- and that prior to being corrupted by the fourth century Church of Rome, the original Gospels taught reincarnation (see The Pre-Nicene Church Taught Reincarnation  ) -- yet the vast majority of modern Deists cling to quasi-atheistic beliefs that reject all things Metaphysical, and any understanding of how Thomas Paine built his Church of Enlightened Mind.


In a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, Jefferson wrote respecting the relationship of Deism and Christianity: "To the corruptions of Christianity I am indeed opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself. I am a Christian, in the only sense he wished any one to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines, in preference to all others; ascribing to himself every human excellence; & believing he never claimed any other" This same exact thought is expressed in the Wikipedia article under Deism under the topic: History of religion and the deist mission: "Most deists saw the religions of their day as corruptions of an original, pure religion that was simple and rational. They felt that this original pure religion had become corrupted by "priests" who had manipulated it for personal gain and for the class interests of the priesthood in general. According to this world view, over time "priests" had succeeded in encrusting the original simple, rational religion with all kinds of superstitions and "mysteries" – irrational theological doctrines. Laymen were told by the priests that only the priests really knew what was necessary for salvation and that laymen must accept the "mysteries" on faith and on the priests' authority. This kept the laity baffled by the nonsensical "mysteries", confused, and dependent on the priests for information about the requirements for salvation. The priests consequently enjoyed a position of considerable power over the laity, which they strove to maintain and increase. Deists referred to this kind of manipulation of religious doctrine as "priestcraft", a highly derogatory term. Deists saw their mission as the stripping away of 'priestcraft' and 'mysteries' from religion, thereby restoring religion to its original, true condition – simple and rational. In many cases, they considered true, original Christianity to be the same as this original natural religion."


Deism is built upon a Metaphysical understanding of the Natural Laws as explored in what is portrayed as The Clockmaker Universe . And Deists portrayed the teachings of Jesus as "... original Christianity to be the same as this original natural religion" (see The Deism Of Jesus  ), because Jesus taught how to fulfill the Natural Laws (see Jesus Fulfilled And Taught The Natural Fulfillment Of The Laws Of God:  ). And when the original followers of Jesus taught and promoted these Deist concepts of Natural Religion that rejected all teaches and religions of mankind, his original followers were rejected as heretics by the Church of Rome (see Censorship Of The Truth And The Facts  ). And while Thomas Paine and the Enlightened Deists who set forth the foundation of our God-Given Constitutional Rights were correct, the vast majority of people could not understand how Paine's Metaphysical Church of Mind was formed and constructed over the course of many spiritually successful lives.


Part 2: Ignorant Atheists Who Have Run Deism Into Irrationality

I recently made a post entitled The Atheist's Who Run Deism - Where Have All The Deists Gone? (see ) where the atheist stated: "deists are often labeled as "atheists" including people like Thomas Paine, because of skepticism". When the portrayal of skepticism is based upon the ignorance of the atheist about the true spiritual nature of the scriptures, then it is abject ignorance to portray Thomas Paine as an atheist. Why? The same Soul who lived as Thomas Paine, lived many highly advanced spiritual lives over the preceding 2000 years, including the very brother of Jesus. But because blind faith-based believers are as misinformed as atheists, Thomas Paine could not convey that his rejection of Christianity was based upon his own spiritual experiences from his Soul's previous lives. Why? Because the Soul of Thomas Paine had been persecuted in every life that he told the people the truth with respect to the foundation of the Gospel teachings which was based upon the pre-existent soul that evolves to Wholeness and Perfection over the course of many lives (see Pre-Nicene Church Taught Reincarnation  ). As with the case of Giordano Bruno who was burnt at the stake for conveying to Christians the Truth -- i.e., Bruno wrote: "The soul is not the body and it may be in one body or in another, and pass from body to body" (see How Important Is The Spiritual Wisdom Of Giordano Bruno To Modern Man @ ). And Thomas Paine knew, based upon his soul-experience throughout his souls previous lives, that if he openly told the people the facts and the truth with respect to the validity of their beliefs, that the body of blind believers would turn upon him and reject his writings about the Rights of Man and other important pamphlets that supported the Revolution and a government based upon Unalienable God-Given Rights. Therefore, when Thomas Paine rejected the beliefs drawn from the literal or historical text of the scriptures, his rejection was based upon his own experiential knowledge drawn from his souls previous lives. Thomas Paine understood that the authors of the scriptures wrote allegorical writings -- most of which were historically untrue. Quoting The words of Thomas Paine: "But the Church of Rome having set up its new religion, which it called Christianity, invented the creed which it named the Apostle's Creed... It then manufactured the allegories in the book of Genesis into fact, and the allegorical tree of life and the tree of knowledge into real trees, contrary to the belief of the first Christians..." That means that the accounts in Genesis and the other scriptures were not at all literally factual or historical -- but rather, the scriptures portray an allegorical pattern and blueprint of your own mind.


In the same way that Thomas Paine knew this, so too did all Enlightened Deists. What Thomas Paine questioned, was why are religious people so irrational, ignorant and mindless, that they would believe the written words of the scriptures as historical and literal truth? And to demonstrate this fact, Thomas Paine wrote: "..Reason is the forbidden tree of priestcraft, and may serve to explain the allegory of the forbidden tree of knowledge, for we may reasonably suppose the allegory had some meaning and application at the time it was invented. It was the practice of the Eastern nations to convey their meaning by allegory, and relate it in the manner of fact. Jesus followed the same method, yet nobody ever supposed the allegory or parable of the rich man and Lazarus, the Prodigal Son, the ten Virgins, etc., were facts. Why then should the tree of knowledge, which is far more romantic in idea than the parables in the New Testament are, be supposed to be a real tree? The answer to this is, because the Church could not make its new-fangled system, which it called Christianity, hold together without it. To have made Christ to die on account of an allegorical tree would have been too barefaced a fable."

In order to control the minds of the people, priest-craft reinvented the allegories of the scriptures which a rational mind would reject as historical or literal. And unless you understand why Thomas Paine opposed the man-made dogma of the Church, you will remain gravely misinformed. Why? Because the authors used the allegorical symbolism of the scriptures as a blueprint of your own mind that when turned within self, conveyed to the person how to overcome the Natural Laws OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and connect with our Source and the Divine Mind at the Core of our Being. And yes, the whole of the Gospels is allegorical -- and the events presented in the text never literally or historically happened.


The Gospel account of Jesus taught that the Kingdom is within you -- i.e., at the core of your Consciousness. And if the Kingdom of God is within you, then why would you look for it in the outer world? And therefore, Thomas Paine was skeptical about the Rationality of the blind believers who follow the doctrines of "priest-craft" who re-imagined the allegorical scriptures as being literal and historical -- in order to control the minds of the multitudes. In Thomas Paine's own words he stated: "..Reason is the forbidden tree of priestcraft, and may serve to explain the allegory of the forbidden tree of knowledge, for we may reasonably suppose the allegory had some meaning and application at the time it was invented. It was the practice of the Eastern nations to convey their meaning by allegory, and relate it in the manner of fact". And Thomas Paine was correct when he stated that "Jesus followed the same method." Yet, the priest-craft of the Church re-imagined Jesus as God incarnate, so they could control the minds of the people and rule over them. So, to portray Thomas Paine who knew the real purpose of the scriptures as an atheist and a skeptic, is pure ignorance on the part of the present day atheist leaders of Deist groups.

In response to my initial post, Geddy Friedman stated: I shared some thoughts protecting the reputation of Thomas Paine as a Deist. Check out this video, and I will read more from your post here (see ). He made a response to a statement by Vivek Ramaswamy that Thomas Paine was an atheist. And in his reply, he proves that Thomas Paine was anything but an atheist.


Part 3: Deism Is The Knowledge Of The Natural Laws

Deism is the Knowledge of the Natural Laws. Deism was not invented by man, because it is the underlying foundation of Consciousness. Pythagoras was a Deist. As was Plato. Jesus was a Master Deist. Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake because of his knowledge of the Natural Laws and the suppressed teachings of Jesus. Thomas Paine was raised a Quaker. Quakerism was not invented, because Quakers meditate on the Inner Light, which is their only Teacher -- who teaches in accord with each person's CONDITION. What is the determining factor in each person's Condition of Mind and Consciousness? Each person's Condition is determined by their desire and willingness to live in accord with Natural Laws as the Inner Light reveals Truth to the individual person. The man Jesus taught these Truths to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount. Those people who failed to transform their Condition of Mind and Consciousness could not understand the spiritual meaning of the parables that Jesus taught. And thus, only the few could understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom as seen in the words of Jesus to the few who lived their lives in accord with the Inner Light: “Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand” (Mark 4:11-12). In the parable of the Sower and the Seed, a person's Condition was portrayed in accord with their willingness and desire to be transformed into the "good ground" (see The Sower And The Seed  ). In the words of Giordano Bruno, the vast majority of people have rejected the Natural Law, and they cannot hear the Wisdom of the Inner Light -- as stated by Bruno: "The Divine Light is always in man, presenting itself to the senses and to the comprehension, but man rejects it".
Only those who live their lives in accord with the Inner Light, are Deists who are knowledgeable of the Natural Laws as portrayed in the words: The Laws of Nature and Nature's God. Therefore, only the Transformed Person who is no longer possessed by his carnal appetites, and lives in accord with the Wisdom of the Inner Light, can be portrayed as a Deist -- as stated in the words of Jesus: "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'" (Matt 7:21-23). Those people who are portrayed as living in lawlessness, are those whose carnal mindset and lifestyle rejects of the wisdom of the Inner Light. And they remain spiritually deaf, because of their failure to live the necessary mindset and lifestyle to transform the Condition of their Consciousness -- which is the words of Nikola Tesla is the "frequency and vibration" of each person's mind.



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 The Church Got It All In Reverse


God is not interested in your sin.  God is interested in your Success.  What Success?  That you successfully develop and achieve Wholeness and Perfection in this school for his Prodigal Sons and Daughters.  And this is why if you fail in your present life, you will be presented with your failures in your future lives -- see Christian Reincarnation  -- as many as is required for you to grow and evolve to Wholeness and Perfection as Jesus taught -- i.e., "You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matt 5:48).  That if you follow the Original Gospel teachings as restored at The Law Of The Gospels ,  You can achieve the necessary Wholeness and Perfection as Jesus taught:  "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17). What Jesus was stating was that those people who he portrayed as "righteous", did not need him as a physician who came to heal the sick, because they had on their own taken advantage of the Original Opportunity to bringing about Wholeness, Perfection and Completion. Which raises the question: What, then, is stopping you, the reader, from achieving the Wholeness that Jesus himself confirmed you have the innate power to bring about in your life without any need of him (Jesus) or any other physician? The correct translation of the words: Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand which is preached in our Churches, is more accurately translated: "Open and unloose the mind" -- meaning, that you must release your thinking from the shackles of the Manichean doctrine of Original Sin, and embrace the Gospel teaching of Original Opportunity (see Original Sin Rejects Gospel Teachings ). The meaning of the original Greek conveys a message of great depth that is not apparent in our English translations today. To phrase the thought that is being expressed, the true meaning is to “Open and unloose the mind, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. The Amplified Bible which presents the essence of the biblical text, states: “Repent [change your inner self—your old way of thinking, regret past sins, live your life in a way that proves repentance; seek God’s purpose for your life], for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” This is truly important for the person of faith to come to terms with -- for it is the beginning of The Way.   Jesus came to teach you to be successful.   Quoting from The Esoteric Gospel Teachings

When Jesus accused the leaders of the Jews of throwing away the Key of Knowledge -- i.e., "Woe to you experts in the law! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering” (Luke 11:52) -- it is important to understand the source and type of knowledge he accused the Jews of throwing away. The word Knowledge that was being referenced to is translated from the Greek word Gnosis, as seen in the Greek Interlinear where it shows "knowledge" in this verse is translated from the word "gnosis" at  . Gnosis, from a biblical perspective is defined as: "Gnosis refers to knowledge based on personal experience or perception. In a religious context, gnosis is mystical or esoteric knowledge based on direct participation with the divine." The word Gnosis then indicates Spiritual Knowledge that is revealed or taught to the person directly from the Divine Mind within them. This Divinely Revealed Spiritual Knowledge cannot be read literally in the writings of man -- it cannot be literally written in scriptures or religious writings -- it cannot be taught by a teacher or rabbi -- because it can only be taught to the person individually by the Divine Mind whose thinking and mindset is capable of receiving the Higher Spiritual Knowledge.

When Jesus stated to the Jews that the Kingdom would never come outwardly, because it is "within you" (Luke 17:20-21), this is "...knowledge based on personal experience ...based on direct participation with the divine" within the Mind of the disciple, as the person begins to open what is portrayed as the "narrow gate", and experiences the Kingdom coming within them -- i.e., "Then Jesus said to them, Truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God arrive with power" (Mark 9:1). Which is why Peter acknowledged the coming of the Kingdom when he stated: ”looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God” (2 Pet 3:12). Which provokes the question: How could the believers in that time-frame of the first-century, hasten or speed up the coming of the Kingdom, if it was coming externally in the outer world? Yet, in every generation, doomsday prophets have predicted Armageddon and the coming of the Kingdom in their lifetime. That modern Christians continue to preach their End Times doctrines, is because they are as the Jews who threw away the Key of Knowledge/Gnosis -- which is the application of the Gospels within them.

If the Spiritual Knowledge could not be read literally in the scriptures where it could be learned and discerned by the Jewish scholars, then what is indicated is the fact that Jesus taught that there is an esoteric meaning to the scriptures that is not apparent or even understood by reading the literal text of the scriptures. And if the meaning of the scriptures could be simply understood by reading the text, then Jesus never would have portrayed the leaders of the Jews as the "spawn of the devil" who threw away the Key of Knowledge/Gnosis. And this is demonstrated when Jesus said to the Jews: "Why do you misunderstand what I am saying? It is because your spiritual ears are deaf and you are unable to hear the truth of My word" (John 8:43 Amplified Version). As to why the Jews could not understand the spiritual teachings and concepts, Jesus explained: "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies" (John 8:43-44).

Jesus did not come to be worshipped -- i.e., "Good master, what good shall I do that I may have life everlasting?" Jesus rejected being called "good master" -- as seen when Jesus answered him: "And Jesus said to him, Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone" (Luke 18:19). Which means that Jesus came to provide the Key of Knowledge/Gnosis that would enable the lost prodigal sons to open the inner "narrow gate" -- as seen in his words: " did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering” into the Kingdom, and return to their Heavenly Father. Which provokes the question: What if you worship Jesus and throw away the Key of Knowledge/Gnosis -- rejecting the Message and the body of essential knowledge/gnosis as hearsay -- and in worshipping Jesus you are obstructing those who were attempting to enter as the Jews did -- portraying those who seek the esoteric knowledge as heretics -- then the god you are worshipping is in fact the Devil -- i.e., "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires...".

In the same way that the Jews could not comprehend the Mysteries of the Kingdom because they threw away the Key of Knowledge, the Christians in their worldly carnal misinterpretation of the Gospel teachings, rejected even the sacred body of Knowledge that Jesus taught. And this fact is demonstrated throughout most of the Christian world where the word Gnosis is condemned as heresy -- and from a faith-based Christian perspective, is to be rejected. So, what this means is that Jesus accused the Jews who he portrayed as "...experts in the law", of throwing away the Key to acquire Gnosis -- which means that both Christianity and Judaism should be religions that seek to acquire Spiritual Knowledge or Gnosis that is not presented in the literal text of the scriptures where even those who are "experts in the law" remain blind to the spiritual meaning -- which Spiritual Knowledge can be portrayed as the Divine Manna of the Kingdom. In the case of modern Christians, they reject even seeking Knowledge/Gnosis -- they remain totally ignorant of using the Key of Knowledge to open the inner "narrow gate" to the Kingdom -- and they slam the door for those seeking to enter. Which means that modern Christianity is representative of Gospel Apostasy that rejects the teachings of Jesus, and opponents of Christ. Therefore, the question must be asked: Would Jesus praise Christians for rejecting the Spiritual Knowledge he came to impart to mankind? Hosea 4:6 warns that Christians will be rejected and -- "...destroyed for lack of knowledge." Isn't this the rejection of Christ by the modern Christian?

If the question is posed: Why should the word Gnosis be translated Divine Manna instead of the common knowledge drawn from the literal text of the scriptures? In the allegorical account of Exodus when Moses was guiding the Children of Israel through the wilderness, the substance they were provided for physical nourishment was portrayed as manna. Therefore, Divine Manna must be recognized as God-Given -- and is that knowledge-substance that only the Divine Mind can impart and reveal to those who embrace the Gospel teachings with the Whole of their Mind and Being -- Manna that cannot be read and found in the literal text of the scriptures without applying the Key -- Manna that cannot be written by the hands of men -- neither can Gnosis be written in any of the languages of man -- Gnosis cannot be taught by a rabbi or teacher -- and can only be taught and received in accord with the person's spiritual level of Consciousness -- and this Spiritual Knowledge/Gnosis can only be taught and imparted into the person by the Divine Mind -- i.e., "It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall all be taught by God.' Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me" (John 6:45). What we call religious teachings is the mindset and thinking that a person must embrace, in order to begin to receive the Divine Manna that can only be received directly from the Divine Mind of God. Therefore, this verse demonstrates conclusively that (1) even when a person is an expert in the written word of the scriptures, they are lacking the essential Knowledge that can be portrayed as the Spiritual Knowledge/Gnosis or Divine Manna of God and the Kingdom; and (2) there is no such thing as Gnostic scriptures that a person learns Gnosis from writings composed by the hands of man. All scriptures portray the inner journey that the person must travail, in order to begin to receive the Divine Manna in accord with the development and depth of the person's mind -- i.e., "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" (Luke 9:23 -- see The Cross You Must Bear To Your Own Crucifixion  ). Further stating: "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me" (Matt 10:38). And the Gospel of Mark quotes Jesus as stating: "Then Jesus called the crowd to Him along with His disciples, and He told them, If anyone wants to come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me" (Mark 8:34). . 

Author: The Lord through the hand of Jacob who they call James, the Brother of Yeshua who they call Jesus, who is today known as Allan Cronshaw

The Restored Gospel --

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Christian Reincarnation 


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 Is Deism The New Body Of Blind Believers? 

In the same way that faith-based theists reject all Rational Thinking, faith-based quasi-Deists reject even the advancements of modern science.  In my rejection of the gods of the scriptures, I agreed with the finding of modern science that the source of all that we see is from a metaphysical projection into this world of what man sees as concrete matter.  But I also stated that each person can embrace the path of the mystic, and develop those attributes of mind that permit the person to perceive the source of the projection.  And one of the Deist group members replied to me: "Yes, I am saying these mystics were wrong. Deists don't believe we're a dream of a god...that is mysticism. Anything 'mystical' is a hypothesis that has never been even remotely proven by the Scientific Method. Deists value free will and independence, and if we were but a dream state of a god, we would not have free will. Cut the puppet strings off and be your own master."  And my reply to this person has been censored from the Deist group. 

Let's Examine The Facts Of Science:  When physicist Walter Thirring stated in his book, Urbausteine der Materie about the nature and reality of physical matter that modern physics “...has put our thinking about the essence of matter in a different context. It has taken our gaze from the visible - the particles - to the underlying entity, the field. The presence of matter is merely a disturbance of the perfect state of the field at that place; something accidental, one could almost say, a ‘blemish’. Accordingly, there are no simple laws describing the forces between elementary particles… Order and symmetry must be sought in the underlying field.” What he was stating is that what man sees as concrete matter, is being projected from an Unseen-Metaphysical Source-Field. Einstein confirmed this statement in the words: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter, there is only Light and Sound.” And in total agreement with Walther Thirring, Einstein wrote in his autobiography: “All my attempts to adapt the theoretical foundation of physics to this [new type of] knowledge failed completely. It was as if the ground had been pulled out from under one, with no firm foundation to be seen anywhere, upon which one could have built”. What this means is exactly as stated by Einstein when he stated: “We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense… There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality”. What Einstein is stating is that what we see with our physical eyes, is shadow-images that are being projected from an invisible (to our physical senses) Metaphysical Reality that is beyond organic man's ability to see the actual source -- i.e., "...There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality” In much the same fashion, the European physicist Niels Bohr stated that “…The great extension of our experience in recent years has brought to light the insufficiency of our simple mechanical conceptions and, as a consequence, has shaken the foundation on which the customary interpretation of observation was based.”

Thus, the statement by astronomer James Jeans: “Today there is a wide measure of agreement… that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine”; and the statement by astronomer Arthur Eddington: “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff.” In like manner physicist and Nobel prize winner John Archibald Wheeler stated that "every item in the physical world has at bottom immaterial source and explanation ...that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and that this is a participatory universe". What this means is that what you see physically, is a metaphysical projection that conveys an (allegorical) symbol pertaining to the "...immaterial [UNSEEN] source" that is projecting the physical image of what we see with our physical senses. What this also means is that science has proven the validity of Plato's Cave of Illusions -- wherein what we see is an allegorical shadow-image that is being projected into what appears to us to be physical matter.  Max Planck who is considered the founder of quantum theory stated: "As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." Most people portray that "conscious and intelligent mind", as God. More recently, cyberneticist David Foster described “an intelligent universe” whose apparent concreteness is generated by cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source. The holographic reality says that: “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.” And this largely inconceivable reality is confirmed by Einstein in the quotation to the right where is speaks of our physical presence as the manifestation of frequencies -- i.e., "We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music"

What this means is that the Mystic is correct when he states: The ONLY REALITY is in the Metaphysical UNSEEN FIELD that is the SOURCE of the three-dimensional images that we see -- and what this also means is that all the answers and understanding of life must be sought in the Metaphysical Source-Field. And thus, the problem as demonstrated in the words of Einstein: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." The great void in our perceptive-comprehension, has been our total reliance upon linear understanding that can be proven logically and proven in a peer-review. Which is why Einstein also stated: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." If the Source of what we see is Metaphysical -- and because the Metaphysical is beyond the perceptive-vision and comprehension of man's linear attributes of mind -- it is because we reject all Metaphysical explanations and sources, that we have chosen to remain blind and ignorant. Which provokes the question: If we do begin to recognize our flawed thinking, how does a person develop the ability to perceive the SOURCE in the FIELD?

Is Deism a body of atheist blind believers who reject even the modern findings of Quantum Physics? This post was removed from the Deist Group, because the quasi-atheists can't deal with the emerging body of modern science. And while I totally reject the gods of most religions -- and the historical accuracy of the scriptures of Revealed Religion -- and the dogma of priest-craft -- I embrace the wisdom of modern Quantum Physics which has proven the metaphysical vision of the mystics who have been hunted down by Revealed Religion as heretics.
Only scientific quotations are presented in the above post. Science has proven the existence of Spirit (Source-Field) as the Source of all that we see. Mystics have learned to see into the Source-Field, and the disciples of Jesus learned how to enter into the Source-Field. Religion, with their gods and doctrines, has blocked man's entrance into the Source-Field. If you are a Deist who understands the Natural Laws, you can restore the path to our Source that the Enlightened Deists of the past understood when they referenced the Laws of Nature and Nature's God -- see Deism - The Universal Spiritual Path
The atheists in Deism has inhibited Deists from learning about the Natural Laws that would provide access to the Source that Science has confirmed. Deists can help the people enslaved by Revealed Religion, until they restore their own Spiritual Path


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Thomas Paine On Miracle Allegories


The Allegorical Meaning of the Miracles

Deists Reject the Historical or Literal interpretation of the Miracles. Thomas Paine understood the nature of the problem that anchored the Christian world to a condition of profound ignorance allegories that held a metaphysical meaning. In that article entitled Of The Religion Of Deism Compared With The Christian Religion, Paine hit the nail on the head when he writes:

But the Church of Rome having set up its new religion, which it called Christianity, invented the creed which it named the Apostle's Creed... It then manufactured the allegories in the book of Genesis into fact, and the allegorical tree of life and the tree of knowledge into real trees, contrary to the belief of the first Christians, and for which there is not the least authority in any of the books of the New Testament; for in none of them is there any mention made of such place as the Garden of Eden, nor of anything that is said to have happened there. But the Church of Rome could not erect the person called Jesus into a Savior of the world without making the allegories in the book of Genesis into fact, though the New Testament, as before observed, gives no authority for it. All at once the allegorical tree of knowledge became, according to the Church, a real tree, the fruit of it real fruit, and the eating of it sinful. As priestcraft was always the enemy of knowledge, because priestcraft supports itself by keeping people in delusion and ignorance, it was consistent with its policy to make the acquisition of knowledge a real sin...

...Reason is the forbidden tree of priestcraft, and may serve to explain the allegory of the forbidden tree of knowledge, for we may reasonably suppose the allegory had some meaning and application at the time it was invented. It was the practice of the Eastern nations to convey their meaning by allegory, and relate it in the manner of fact. Jesus followed the same method, yet nobody ever supposed the allegory or parable of the rich man and Lazarus, the Prodigal Son, the ten Virgins, etc., were facts. Why then should the tree of knowledge, which is far more romantic in idea than the parables in the New Testament are, be supposed to be a real tree? The answer to this is, because the Church could not make its new-fangled system, which it called Christianity, hold together without it. To have made Christ to die on account of an allegorical tree would have been too barefaced a fable.

The Allegorical Meaning of the Miracles

The Gospels are not historical accounts -- but rather, accounts pertaining to the transformation of the seeker's own mind as they strive to enter in through the "narrow gate" -- and as the prodigal son/daughter, be restored to the Edenic Kingdom (see ). When you open the scriptures, you are studying your own mind and consciousness if you pick up your own cross and travail in TheWay. If you fail to be restored to the Kingdom, then you will continue to live however many lifetimes is required for you to become Whole and Perfect -- as stated by the pre-Nicene Church at The Pre-Nicene Position Of The Church On Reincarnation

Original Facebook post by Kevin Bonecutter: The allegorical meaning of the "Miracles of Jesus" provide a more miraculous understanding than the literal stories. The wonder is not in the manipulation of the physical nature, but rather the awakening or enlightenment of our spiritual nature.
The raising of Lazarus from the dead symbolizes the raising of the spirit of someone who was spiritually dead.
The feeding of the 5,000 symbolizes the preaching and sharing of the Truth to feed their spirit. One person can change the hearts of many by preaching Truth.
Walking on water symbolizes the overcoming of fear and worldly problems. Waters in scripture symbolize the earthly challenges we must face to grow our spirit.
Changing of water into wine symbolizes the alchemical transformation of purifying ourselves to function fully in the spirit, rather than the physical nature.
Healing the blind man symbolizes the opening of a spiritually blind person's eyes to be able to see truth.

The true miracle is when a person finds truth, raises their spirit and achieves enlightenment!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Socialist Dependency vs Constitutional Gospel Opportunity

Socialist Dependency vs Constitutional Gospel Opportunity

When you maintain a person's dependency on the state or church as in the various forms of Socialism, you inflict grave harm upon the the people's ability to develop and evolve to their true potential.  If we are the ego or earthly-self -- and our True-Self dwells in the Inner Kingdom, which is an inner dimension of Higher Consciousness -- then the focus must be on presenting all people with the ability and environment for them to advance as the original Gospels taught.

If the Kingdom and our True-Self exists at a higher level of consciousness within us (see Luke 17:20-21), then the question must be posed: What is blocking and inhibiting our ability to tap into our Inner or True-Self? The answer: Our own ignorance of the Natural Laws that are allegorically represented as the rungs of Jacob's Ladder -- see The Law Of Jacob's Ladder And Mental Advancement . But, secular governments and quasi-religious groups saw these teachings on how to fulfill the Law, and they corrupted them to convert the message of the Gospels in order to seduce the people into following the man-made dogma of church and state (see The Corruption Of The Gospel Texts   ) .   But, in our present timeframe, using Fakenews and Social Media, these same souls are presently inhibiting the Natural Freedom of the people to understand and fulfill the Laws as Jesus originally taught. And now that these same faux-leaders and authorities have corrupted and destroyed the path for the lost prodigal sons and daughters to be restored to the Edenic Kingdom (see The Gate Of Eden  ), they are attempting to rewrite history and the accounts of their previous failures that have enslaved the people.

The Church originally taught the development of the Soul over the course of many lifetimes -- see The Pre-Nicene Position Of The Church On Reincarnation . The promise to never abandon the sincere seeker, has been maintained as the original followers of Jesus re-entered this world over the course of many lives to guide their brothers and sisters in TheWay back to the Edenic Kingdom (see    . And these same Souls re-entered this realm as the Constitutional Framers to insure unalienable God Given Rights that provide the people with the opportunity to spiritually advance. But in the same way that the coin of opportunity has two sides, many of the same souls who undermined the undermined the teachings of Jesus in their previous lives, are again present attempting to destroy the Constitutional framework of the United States, as the same way they turned the people away from the Original Gospel teachings in the past (see  ).  Which means that your future is presently in your hands.   Will you repeat and support their cycle of destruction again? Will you invoke another cycle of the Dark Ages again?  Or will you embrace the original Gospel teachings, and climb the rungs of Jacob's Ladder -- escape the "outer darkness" of mind and being -- as you develop the ability to be restored to the Edenic Kingdom?

Socialism enslaves you by making you dependent upon government handouts -- rather than the Constitutional Freedoms that provide you the opportunity to advance to your full potential, and become all that you can be.  Jesus taught that you are his brother or sister with the potential to know and do all that he accomplished in his life. And this potential is the foundation of American Exceptionalism and Opportunity by fulfilling the Law as Jesus taught -- see The Law Of The Gospels
AND Spiritual Osmosis And The Narrow Gate


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 The Movement Of The Laws - Biden Vs Trump

For those of you who have not seen it yet, here is a link to Tucker Carlson's interview with Tony Bobulinski: 

In my writings I have often used Trump as an example of ego vs knowledge of the Laws.  Trump believes that his smarts have brought about all that he has accomplished in his life.  Yet, he is clueless as to the reality that the Laws which have molded his life, are not only responsible for all of Trump's successes, but also his present venture into the presidency.   And the Laws were able to mold the life of Trump on the political and religious stage of American history, because of Trump's Spiritual DNA that he (Trump) knows virtually nothing about.  If Trump had been a politician -- making his money and success out of politics -- he would have been as corrupt as all the other politicians in the Washington swamp.  So, the Laws raised up Trump outside of the political landscape in order to use him as a catalyst for change and judgment.  And to accomplish this, the Laws are using Trump's Spiritual DNA as a catalyst to expose not only the corruption of Washington, but also the media, academia, and our culture.  And in exposing the corruption, the objective is to cause people to make informed choices that will create their future learning experiences.   

No Washington politician who was part of the political scene, would have exposed the massive corruption of the political landscape.  So, the Laws raised up Trump NOT because of his goodness and purity -- but because of the reflection of his past lives that could be manipulated to render a service that someone raised in normal way would never have done.   And by using Trump as a catalyst to expose this massive corruption, no one has an excuse in their judgments.   Which also means that the massive investigations into Trump by the Washington swamp rats have proven that while Trump can be judged morally, he is probably the most investigated person in American history.  In addition to all the independent media investigations into everything Trump, the Washington swamp has spent 40 million dollars of tax payers money in their attempt to expose the corruption of Trump -- which they have not been able to do.  Then under the Trump presidency, the greatest financial success in American history was brought about, before being undermined by a pandemic set loose by the Chinese Communist party which despises Trump, and released upon the world.   And it is also important to point out that it is the core principles of Marxist Communism which is in opposition to Trump and the American Constitution.  Which means that the judgment of Trump -- the most investigated man in American history -- is on moral grounds -- which by Law invokes the reality that can be expressed: He that is not guilty of any immorality in any of their Soul's previous lives, let him cast the first stone.  While I have in my own past life experienced many spiritual successes which is responsible for the unique body of knowledge that I possess, I also have many acts and even lives that could be portrayed as immoral over the course of some of my Soul's previous lives.  Which means that if I were to throw stones at Trump's morality -- when this same immorality exists in my own past -- then the stones I throw in judgment, will come back upon me in the future.  

Power corrupts -- and absolute power corrupts absolutely.   If Trump had himself been a politician -- dependent upon the political environment for money and power -- then Trump would probably be just as corrupt as the rest of the majority of politicians.  The test then becomes the degree that each person is not totally corrupted when the Laws bring about power and the opportunity to procure wealth in each life.  And Trump has been used as a catalyst to expose this massive political corruption to test the people and their choices.   If you will vote for Biden who has been exposed at the epitome of government corruption, then you will inherit life in a government where massive corruption and despotism is the norm.  And if you vote against Trump because of his personality immorality -- mostly with women -- then you are ignoring your own past immorality.   

Many Souls choose to be born as a woman, because women lack the physical power and positively charged lower nature to invoke the suffering that is often exclusive to the domain of men.   When my wife speaks and even yells at our grandchildren, it does not have the same effect as if she gets me to yell at them.  Just the threat of daddy or grandpa getting upset, invokes a different reaction than grandma getting upset.  And while women possess the power of corruption, it is generally not the all encompassing and far reaching corruption that men are capable of.  Being polarized positive in a higher level of mind, few women are capable of the same ability to inflict suffering upon others.  But it is within the scope of the Laws to recognize the immortality and corruption of women from the perspective of their own feminine domain.  And too much judgment has the capacity to limit their choices in the future, and karmically force upon them lives where the greater opportunity for immorality is manifest.   Then there are Souls such as Hillary Clinton that is perhaps the finest example of feminine corruption on the American scene.   

The FBI not only ignored the corruption of Hillary, but is covering up the massive corruption of Joe Biden and the Obama administration.   And all of this is being uniquely exposed to test and judge the American people -- and even non-Americans.  The most investigated man in American history is on one side of the equation, vs the finest example of massive political corruption as manifest in Joe Biden.   I use the term "uniquely exposed", because the whole shebang has been orchestrated by the Natural Laws as a personal test that has no parallel.   What this means is that the coming election is more of a test of the American people, than of either Biden or Trump.   

The Framework of the presentation of Natural Law used in the above is based upon the two preceding articles at  

The Natural Laws And American Exceptionalism

 The Natural Laws And American Exceptionalism

People have asked me: How do I know all that I know?  How do I know my Soul's past lives?  How can I journey into man's inner Spiritual Source?  We have heard the term American Exceptionalism -- but what this means can only be understood within the context of The Laws Of Nature And Nature's God.  Quoting from American Exceptionalism   

It is virtually impossible to comprehend the reality of the American Experience, without a knowledge and appreciation of what is portrayed by the Enlightened Deists in the words: The Laws Of Nature And Nature's God.   Our Constitutional Framers not only possessed a working knowledge of these Natural Laws of Nature and the Heavens, but they understood how to manipulate and invoke them.   Allegorically, Satan is not a being -- but rather, Satan is the personification of what can be portrayed as the gravity of mind that shackles mankind to an earth-bound mindset -- rendering him (man) incapable of comprehending man's higher soul and spiritually reality.   And it was the knowledge of the Natural Laws that in part, enabled the men of wisdom who emerged out of the Age of Enlightenment and the Enlightened Deists to overcome the Laws that inhibited their mental development and spiritual advancement. 

When our astronauts flew to the moon, while it is true that rocket propulsion was used to escape the earths gravity and limiting factor of its organic atmosphere, the astronauts then utilized the Natural Laws to escape the pull of the earth, and permit the spacecraft to be pulled to its destination.   When flight engineers make reference to a window when operations in space can be achieved, what they are making reference to is the proper alignment of the planets that enable space flight to be achieved.  Scientifically, this would be portrayed as slingshot paths that are called Gravity Assist Trajectories.  They use the gravity and motion of planets to pull a spacecraft into a new path.   Quoting the article on Navigation in space: "Gravity is a very important force. Every object in space exerts a gravitational pull on every other, and so gravity influences the paths taken by everything traveling through space. It is the glue that holds together entire galaxies. It keeps planets in orbit. It makes it possible to use human-made satellites and to go to and return from the Moon. It makes planets habitable by trapping gasses and liquids in an atmosphere. It can also cause life-destroying asteroids to crash into planets.   ...Consider Voyager 2 ... the spacecraft's arrival was carefully timed so that it would pass behind Jupiter in its orbit around the Sun. As the spacecraft came into Jupiter's gravitational influence, it fell toward Jupiter, increasing its speed toward maximum at closest approach to Jupiter. Since all masses in the universe attract each other, Jupiter sped up the spacecraft substantially, and the spacecraft slowed down Jupiter in its orbit by a tiny amount, since the spacecraft approached from behind. At this point, Voyager 2 had been sped up enough by Jupiter's gravity to get a speed greater than Jupiter's escape velocity. As it left, it slowed down again, but it never slowed all the way to the speed it was before getting to Jupiter. It left the area near Jupiter faster and in a different trajectory. This technique was repeated at Saturn and Uranus.  Gravity assists can be also used to decelerate a spacecraft, by flying in front of a body in its orbit. When the Galileo spacecraft arrived at Jupiter, passing close in front of Io in its orbit, Galileo experienced deceleration, helping it go into orbit around Jupiter. "    

So, our scientists in understanding the Natural Laws, timed their sequences where they initiated rocket burns to take advantage of the natural movement of the planets, where they could then manipulate these Natural Forces to bring about the results which they envisioned.   When our Constitutional Framers sited The Laws of Nature And Nature's God, what they were referencing was man's ability to time and take advantage of the Laws and Forces of body, mind and spirit, to bring about and invoke a higher state of consciousness, which permitted them to possess the vision and knowledge necessary to apply this knowledge of the Laws to the birth and development of the United States -- which harnessed and invoked the Laws to manifest an environment where what we portray as American Exceptionalism could be fostered and brought about in the lives of the American People and the world.    The problem is that the Atheist who envisions a Utopia on earth, as well as the faith-based religious believer who envisions the Kingdom coming upon the earth, both reject the very knowledge of the Natural Laws which are necessary to institute and bring about the Destiny they envision.   And if I make any reference to the Deists who did possess to varying degrees an understanding of the Natural Laws, both the Atheist and the Theist envision a misguided group of intellectuals who have invented some alternative theology which they portray as a reason-based quasi-religious cult.   And if I say that the body of esoteric knowledge of the Laws and Natural Forces is necessary to begin to acquire Higher Spiritual Knowledge, both the Atheist and the Theist portray this whole concept as heresy.   Yet, if both the Atheist and the Theist are to bring about the utopian kingdom/destiny which they envision, it will be necessary to possess this higher esoteric knowledge of the Natural Laws to bring about the very objectives they hope and pray to come upon the earth.   In the same way that you can't escape the earth's gravitational pull and navigate a spacecraft to the moon without the essential knowledge of the Natural Laws, man's utopian quest will remain elusively beyond his reach, until he acquires the knowledge of the Higher Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

What, then, is the solution to the dilemma? From the perspective of the Atheist and the Theist who are so locked into their ideological world-view that they are both equally enslaved by their own variety of dogmatic shackles, the only possible solution is for someone who they deem a heretic to arise and convey to both, what they both desire, but don't want to hear the details about how to achieve the very objective visions they hope and pray to bring about. Both the Atheist and the Theist are in denial with respect to the idea that not only does the Natural Laws control all events in this world -- but that ordinary men can possess a working knowledge of these Natural Laws and Forces of the Earth and Heavens. So, by virtue of their dogmatic denial, both the Theist and the Atheist have been responsible for driving governments, religions and cultures throughout man's long residence upon the earth, into a perpetual state of ruin -- a state of ruin that has been recorded in the annuls of history in the countless images of the suffering, death and destruction of the people they ruled over. Yet, it can be proven that the historical man Jesus not only possessed an enlightened knowledge of the Natural Laws -- but the original Gospel message proclaimed that he arose to a state of intellectual and spiritual Supremacy by fulfilling these Laws within his own body, mind and being (see ). And that because of the natural limits of man's organic physical consciousness, this body of esoteric knowledge could only be revealed to his closest disciples. Why? Because both the political and religious leaders of that time were incapable of comprehending this Sacred Body of Knowledge. In much the same way, our Constitutional Framers who possessed this knowledge of the Natural Laws to various degrees, formed a government that would not only bring true change to the governments of the earth, but would invoke the Natural Laws in such a way, that what is portrayed as American Exceptionalism was brought about on the world's stage. And in the same way that the Church threw away and suppressed the esoteric knowledge of the Laws and Natural Forces that had the potential to transform man into the fulfillment of his ultimate Destiny, so too has the American People permitted both church and state to throw away the knowledge of The Laws of Nature and Nature's God, and is presently in the process of undermining the very foundation of American Success and Achievement.  How?  As America embraces Marxism which is based upon a denial and rejection of the Natural Laws,  That every form of Socialism always invokes political failure, is because Marxism is a rejection of the Natural Laws -- resulting in man's utter defeat to bring about his envisioned utopia.

In virtually all the instances that the prayers of man has been answered, and the Hand of God has Moved and Interceded in the plight of mankind -- with God throwing man a life-preserver that will assist him to escape the quagmire of ignorance which man has immersed himself in by virtue of the very expression of his freewill misused to enslave himself in lifetimes of self-imposed suffering.  This Gift is always thrown away and rejected to the point of being portrayed as heresy. The original Gospel portrayal of Jesus as a man who fulfilled and perfected the Royal Law within himself to prevail and overcome, was deemed heresy and rewritten by the Church (see The Corruption Of The Words Of God ). That those who possessed this esoteric body of Knowledge was a threat to the worldly authority and power over the people of both the secular and sectarian rulers, meant that this body of sacred knowledge had to be preserved and protected from destruction -- so it was hidden and concealed within the allegorical body of the scriptures that carnal men used, in order to make it available to men of greater wisdom in the future. Thus, the various scriptures were then composed in what can be called the Language of the Soul -- utilizing the same allegorical symbolism that all of Nature is composed and written in -- which necessitated what Jesus portrayed was the proper use of the Key of Knowledge applied to the allegorical text of the scriptures -- to see beneath the cloak of the allegorical text -- revealing the knowledge of the Laws and Forces of Mind and Being that lay concealed from the vision and perception of the profane who were used as a type of mule to transport and safeguard the body of esoteric knowledge which they were incapable of understanding (see Application Of The Key Of Knowledge ).

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Deism And Man's Future

Deism And Man's Future 

I made a statement to a Deism group and wrote: Deism already has the answers to man's higher purpose when the Clock-Maker Universe is understood (see Understanding The Intelligent Universe - The Clock Maker vs Jalopy Universe . And the group asked me about my system of beliefs. To which I wrote the following:

To answer your question, lets define Deism -- which is the Knowledge and Understanding of the Natural Laws of Creation -- Laws that monitor and control every aspect of life. Which means that all the great thinkers throughout the history of mankind were all by definition, Deists. Something that is not understood by faith-based Christian Theists, is that the original followers of the man Jesus said he achieved all that he did by fulfilling the Law (see Jesus Fulfilled The Law ) -- AND, they maintained that anyone who fulfills the Law, will accomplish all that the historical man Jesus did. Which means that the man Jesus taught others how to fulfill the Law.
Pythagoras, Plato, Valentinus, Giordano Bruno, Gurdjieff, all understood the Natural Laws -- and were therefore Deists. The difference between these men and other people, is seen in the fact that their success was brought about because of their understanding of the Natural Laws -- i.e., the heart of Deism. And they taught their students and disciples the workings of the Natural Laws, in order for each of them to achieve success. And ANYONE who truly understands the Natural Laws of Creation -- often referred to as the Laws of Nature and Nature's God -- can achieve the levels of mental and spiritual development of the preceding men of great vision.

All the error of mankind -- all the confusion about life and its meaning and purpose -- is all the result of the ignorance of the Natural Laws. Which means that by definition, only a Deist can prevail over the ignorance and confusion of this realm. And in the same way that faith-based believers have been subverted by "priest-craft" and Revealed-Religion, so too has the world of Science been misguided by Scientism which is the dogmatic ignorance of Atheism (see The Disconnected World Of Scientism ). BUT, great change is on the horizon because there are modern cutting-edge scientists who have thrown off the shackles of scientism, and have proven the wisdom of the mystics (see The Findings Of The Physicist ) -- who, having come to embrace a higher understanding of the Natural Laws, have begun to open the door to Higher Knowledge that has broken the shackles of man's ignorant past (see The Mental-Shackles Of Faux-Science And Fallacious-Religion ).

Deism has permitted itself to be mentally and spiritually undermined, because it has embraced Scientism and the folly of Revealed-Deism. Thereby undermining Deism as a viable spiritual path. When I use the term "viable spiritual path", that means that a true Deist will be able to progress beyond the level of knowing of the masses who have no understanding of the Natural Laws -- and in understanding the Natural Laws, these genuine Deists will be able to walk a path of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening that brings about a state of Enlightenment. While there is a Rational explanation and understanding for every aspect of life, without an understanding of the Natural Laws that support the Higher Rational Reality of Mind, all of life very quickly sinks into abject confusion and ignorance. And this is true of the priests of Scientism, as well as the priests of Revealed Religion. Which means that with respect to answering your question as to my belief system, there is no earthly religion or system that I would ascribe to -- but everything I know has been revealed to me because of my understanding and fulfillment of the Natural Laws. And all future progress of mankind will be brought about by those who understand the Laws of Nature and Nature's God by whatever name they call themselves.