Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 The Movement Of The Laws - Biden Vs Trump

For those of you who have not seen it yet, here is a link to Tucker Carlson's interview with Tony Bobulinski: 

In my writings I have often used Trump as an example of ego vs knowledge of the Laws.  Trump believes that his smarts have brought about all that he has accomplished in his life.  Yet, he is clueless as to the reality that the Laws which have molded his life, are not only responsible for all of Trump's successes, but also his present venture into the presidency.   And the Laws were able to mold the life of Trump on the political and religious stage of American history, because of Trump's Spiritual DNA that he (Trump) knows virtually nothing about.  If Trump had been a politician -- making his money and success out of politics -- he would have been as corrupt as all the other politicians in the Washington swamp.  So, the Laws raised up Trump outside of the political landscape in order to use him as a catalyst for change and judgment.  And to accomplish this, the Laws are using Trump's Spiritual DNA as a catalyst to expose not only the corruption of Washington, but also the media, academia, and our culture.  And in exposing the corruption, the objective is to cause people to make informed choices that will create their future learning experiences.   

No Washington politician who was part of the political scene, would have exposed the massive corruption of the political landscape.  So, the Laws raised up Trump NOT because of his goodness and purity -- but because of the reflection of his past lives that could be manipulated to render a service that someone raised in normal way would never have done.   And by using Trump as a catalyst to expose this massive corruption, no one has an excuse in their judgments.   Which also means that the massive investigations into Trump by the Washington swamp rats have proven that while Trump can be judged morally, he is probably the most investigated person in American history.  In addition to all the independent media investigations into everything Trump, the Washington swamp has spent 40 million dollars of tax payers money in their attempt to expose the corruption of Trump -- which they have not been able to do.  Then under the Trump presidency, the greatest financial success in American history was brought about, before being undermined by a pandemic set loose by the Chinese Communist party which despises Trump, and released upon the world.   And it is also important to point out that it is the core principles of Marxist Communism which is in opposition to Trump and the American Constitution.  Which means that the judgment of Trump -- the most investigated man in American history -- is on moral grounds -- which by Law invokes the reality that can be expressed: He that is not guilty of any immorality in any of their Soul's previous lives, let him cast the first stone.  While I have in my own past life experienced many spiritual successes which is responsible for the unique body of knowledge that I possess, I also have many acts and even lives that could be portrayed as immoral over the course of some of my Soul's previous lives.  Which means that if I were to throw stones at Trump's morality -- when this same immorality exists in my own past -- then the stones I throw in judgment, will come back upon me in the future.  

Power corrupts -- and absolute power corrupts absolutely.   If Trump had himself been a politician -- dependent upon the political environment for money and power -- then Trump would probably be just as corrupt as the rest of the majority of politicians.  The test then becomes the degree that each person is not totally corrupted when the Laws bring about power and the opportunity to procure wealth in each life.  And Trump has been used as a catalyst to expose this massive political corruption to test the people and their choices.   If you will vote for Biden who has been exposed at the epitome of government corruption, then you will inherit life in a government where massive corruption and despotism is the norm.  And if you vote against Trump because of his personality immorality -- mostly with women -- then you are ignoring your own past immorality.   

Many Souls choose to be born as a woman, because women lack the physical power and positively charged lower nature to invoke the suffering that is often exclusive to the domain of men.   When my wife speaks and even yells at our grandchildren, it does not have the same effect as if she gets me to yell at them.  Just the threat of daddy or grandpa getting upset, invokes a different reaction than grandma getting upset.  And while women possess the power of corruption, it is generally not the all encompassing and far reaching corruption that men are capable of.  Being polarized positive in a higher level of mind, few women are capable of the same ability to inflict suffering upon others.  But it is within the scope of the Laws to recognize the immortality and corruption of women from the perspective of their own feminine domain.  And too much judgment has the capacity to limit their choices in the future, and karmically force upon them lives where the greater opportunity for immorality is manifest.   Then there are Souls such as Hillary Clinton that is perhaps the finest example of feminine corruption on the American scene.   

The FBI not only ignored the corruption of Hillary, but is covering up the massive corruption of Joe Biden and the Obama administration.   And all of this is being uniquely exposed to test and judge the American people -- and even non-Americans.  The most investigated man in American history is on one side of the equation, vs the finest example of massive political corruption as manifest in Joe Biden.   I use the term "uniquely exposed", because the whole shebang has been orchestrated by the Natural Laws as a personal test that has no parallel.   What this means is that the coming election is more of a test of the American people, than of either Biden or Trump.   

The Framework of the presentation of Natural Law used in the above is based upon the two preceding articles at  

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